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Morocco , Sunday 18 February 2018

News Morocco » Draa-Tafilalet: Morocco - Obstruction of Rights Group

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Publication date: onday 20 February 2017

Morocco's 1958 Law on Public Assemblies ... Khadija Haddan, president of AMDH's Tinghir branch in Draa-Tafilalet province, told Human Rights Watch that on December 17, 2016, local authorities prevented the organization from using a public meeting hall ...

News Morocco » Draa-Tafilalet: World's largest oasis threatened by climate change

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Publication date: hursday 03 November 2016

all of which are supported by the ‘Green Morocco’ plan, with particular emphasis on water extraction,” Mohamed Bousfoul, Regional Director of Agriculture in Draa Tafilalet told Euronews. “We have introduced new water-saving techniques such as drip ...

News Morocco » Draa-Tafilalet: Qatar inaugurates two projects in Morocco

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Publication date: onday 11 July 2016

The projects were inaugurated by the Governor of Errachidia, Draa Tafilalet Province, Mohamed Fenaid, Qatar’s ambassador to Morocco Abdullah Falah al-Dossari, and the Director General of the International Foundation for Wildlife Research Hamad Misfer al ...

News Morocco » Draa-Tafilalet: Morocco’s desert oases now home to eco-friendly toilets

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Publication date: uesday 13 October 2015

Mohammed Yacoubi Khebiza is a professor at the University of Marrakech. He's in charge of a research group studying the effects of climate change on Morocco and how the country can adapt. He personally oversaw the fitting of dry toilets in the oases schools.